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I’m a straight, white woman. Can I join this club?

YES. While BUBC seeks to highlight books by writers of color and queer folks, the club discussions are open to women 18 and older of all racial, ethnic, economic, and sexual  backgrounds. I want discussions to be as rich as possible, and include the perspectives of a range of women. Any and all women are welcome to join, provided they adhere to and uphold the BUBC discussion agreements.

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Why is there a $25 facilitation fee per session?

BUBC is a carefully curated and facilitated experience. Each text is hand picked and vetted by myself, and over the course of the month leading up to each discussion members are provided with a series of pre-facilitation materials. The $25 fee covers the time spent organizing and facilitating the discussions, as well as makes it possible to continue to promote, build, and connect the women of BUBC through fee-based online platforms and eventually a better video messaging service. I believe in making this club accessible to all and offer scholarship spots in all discussion sessions for women who may be unable to pay. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

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Do I have to be a writer to participate in a discussion?

BUBC has engaged scientists, restaurant owners, educators, mothers, college students, and more in discussions. You do not need to be a writer or literary scholar to join, and discussions are set up to engage all kinds of readers. Writing prompts are optional and provide those interested an additional way to engage with the text.

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Will BUBC provide me with a copy of the book or do I need to buy my own?

At this time BUBC is unable to provide club members with copies of the texts. I recommend visiting your local used bookstore, library, or online book seller to obtain copies of the texts. When possible, BUBC may provide a link to a text that is available online by PDF or Download.

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I’d like to participate, but none of the dates and times work for me. Will there be other sessions?

For now BUBC offers monthly sessions on Saturday afternoons. If there is a time or day that works better for you, please email blackunicornbookclub(at)gmail(dot)com. If enough women request the same time and day  BUBC will make an effort to add additional sessions and titles.

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I’m unable to participate in a discussion, but I’d like access to the BUBC Extras. How do I get the code?

You can pay a one time membership fee of $10 and gain access to the code. Please email blackunicornbookclub(at)gmail(dot)com to if interested in this. You’ll gain access to all past book club session materials including: guiding question sets, session recordings, additional media lists, writing prompts, and bonus writing prompts.

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If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via blackunicornbookclub(at)gmail(dot) com.

Onward, Unicorns!

Mariama Lockington, BUBC Facilitator and Founder