Mission BUBC Logo

The Black Unicorn Book Club is a virtual club for woman identified and genderqueer folk who read as a means of self care and survival. Through curated, seasonal discussions, BUBC participants engage with texts that are womanist, queer, people of color focused, brave, and unapologetically interested in the messiness of the human experience.


The BUBC seeks to build a national network of ‘powerful and dangerous women’ who…

  • Read for pleasure and knowledge
  • Desire opportunities for living and learning out loud with other women
  • Feel as though a literary character or story has helped them survive, be seen
  • Work to build visibility and community through storytelling

Discussion Agreements

If you register for a discussion, you agree to: 

  1. Be the expert on your own life and identity
  2. Actively listen to experiences and interpretations that may be different from yours
  3. Respectfully, disagree
  4. Offer constructive critiques and comments to the discussion
  5. Never bully, harass, or attack another member for her ideas
  6. Laugh hard, learn more, and uplift the voices of other brave women

Read the BUBC FAQs