Building With You in 2017: Book Sessions Now Open for Registration


Dear Unicorns,

Let’s face it. This fall did not go as I hoped. Not only did I realize that keeping up with monthly book club discussions was not feasible with the back-to-school schedule of my full time job, family emergencies, and my own writing practice, but then in November our nation decided to elect a human Cheeto for president. I am admittedly, just now, beginning to regroup and take hold of all the anxiety, fear, and anger that has bubbled up in the aftermath of the election. And if I’m being honest, it feels hard sometimes to figure out where to begin again. Every day I fight the urge to just turtle into my introvert shell and hide.

But here’s the thing. While the fall has been trying, one thing has remained clear: I am part of an incredible, resilient, brave, and resourceful community of women and genderqueer folk who are deeply committed to surviving and taking care of one another. I am inspired and moved by all of you everyday, and so, I plan to push forward into the new year by not hiding. I will continue to provide opportunities for Black Unicorn Book Club members to meet, feel safe, and discuss radical and vital pieces of literature.

I am happy to announce that the 2017 book club titles and sessions are now up on the site open for registration. You’ll notice that each session is now tied to specific social justice event, movement, or interrogation. You’ll also notice that I’ve moved to seasonal instead of monthly discussions, with a break each fall. This will ensure that I have time to provide quality facilitation to all of you, while still keeping up with my own creative practice and full time job. 

BUBC 2017 (1).jpg

In addition to seasonal book club sessions, I will continue to share book lists and relevant resources via the BUBC Facebook page as well as share “What I’m Reading” blog posts throughout the year. I hope that you and a friend will join me in 2017, and sign-up for a session (or all three!) I am very excited about the upcoming texts, and think that each one will provide us with a spirited and meaningful discussion. I am deeply grateful for all of your support so far, and I look forward to building more with you in 2017.

In solidarity & with love,


BUBC Founder & Facilitator 



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